John Knox House Audio Tour


Welcome to John Knox House and thank you for choosing to use our audio guide. This self guided tour has 11 station which take you around the house. A description of the stations location is found above the audio clip.

John Knox House Station 1 Sign Station 1 – The Luckenbooths

This station is located within the bookshop. The Luckenbooths are now the three bookcases in front of the windows.


John Knox House Station 2 Sign Station 2 – John Knox House Exterior

For Station 2 please exit the bookshop and look back up at the buildings exterior.

John Knox House Station 3 Sign Station 3 – The Netherbow Tower

Walk around the building along the Royal mile and head up the staircase attached to John Knox House.

John Knox House Station 4 Sign Station 4 – Spiral Stair (Turnpike)

Station four is located inside the John Knox House. Please head inside, walk past reception into the ground floor of the museum. Station 4 is the stair case leading upstairs.

John Knox House Station 5 Sign Station 5 – The Book Room

Station is in the book room to the left. Please mind your head on the low doorways, they are made of stone!

John Knox House Station 6 Sign Station 6 – Mossman Room

Station is located in the adjacent room.

Station 7 – Castle Gallery

Station is located beyond the Mossman Room.

John Knox House Station 8 Sign Station 8 – The Reformation Room

Station is on the second floor, up the stairs and in the first room on your right.

John Knox House Station 9 SignStation 9 – The Stair Entrances

Station is on the landing at the top of the stairs. Please take care as the doorways are very low.

John Knox House Station 10 Sign Station 10 – The Oak Room

Station is located through the doorway, inside the Oak Room.


John Knox House Station 11 Sign Station 11 – Memorial Gallery

Station is located beyond the Oak Room in the tiny gallery traditionally believed to have been John Knox’s study.