EIIF: WTF – Colleen Doyle (Sold Out)

Scottish Storytelling Centre
Improv, Workshop
Edinburgh International Improv Festival

A common trait of improvisers who create scenes they (and the audience)
enjoy is playing from a relaxed and confident place. Improv pushes
players toward the weird, but when things get too crazy improvising
becomes more effort with less reward. In this workshop you’ll work on
scenes grounded in reality, bringing more of who you are to your scenes
and trusting that the audience’s recognition of shared human experiences
and points of view is entertaining and funny. You’ll also learn to
address weird initiations, characters and scenarios to work on embracing
them while making other elements of the scene understood.

Blank Script presents the Edinburgh International Improv Festival (EIIF), Scotland’s first and only festival dedicated to improv. Across 4
days over 75 performers from across the globe will amaze with their
spontaneity, quick wit and ability to make you laugh your socks off.
Scenes, sketches, songs and stories will be made up on the spot from
audience suggestions.

Buy 3 tickets for 3 different performances and get a 20% discount on each ticket. Only applicable to shows priced £10 at SSC.

*Please note the event is now sold out*


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10 Feb
10:00 - 16:00
Sold out