EIIF: The Simplest Option – Jason Shotts (Sold Out)

Scottish Storytelling Centre
Canons' Gait
Comedy, Improv
Edinburgh International Improv Festival

Suitable for all levels.

This workshop is held in the Canons’ Gait.

One of the most common notes heard after a tough improv show is: “It was
just way too complicated”, or “There were too many things happening
onstage”. Instead of holding onto a simple choice, it’s easy to
unnecessarily add more and more stuff to the scenes.

It’s also easy to make the mistake of listening to the voice in your head screaming, “This
isn’t enough! Start talking about something else!”. One minute you’re
obsessing about Indian food, next you’re talking about Spiderman. Ice
cream. Quantum mechanics. You’re lost (and so is your audience).

In this workshop, you’ll work on identifying a simple “thing” for you, then
figure out your character’s “Up” and their “Down”. A simple scene is a
scene you can navigate. Stop getting lost!

Blank Script presents the Edinburgh International Improv Festival (EIIF), Scotland’s first and only festival dedicated to improv. Across 4
days over 75 performers from across the globe will amaze with their
spontaneity, quick wit and ability to make you laugh your socks off.
Scenes, sketches, songs and stories will be made up on the spot from
audience suggestions.

Buy 3 tickets for 3 different performances and get a 20% discount on each ticket. Only applicable to shows priced £10 at SSC.

*Please note the event is now sold out*

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10 Feb
13:00 - 16:00
Venue is only accessible via stairs | 16+
Sold out